Matthew Bourbon

Gallery Affiliations: Darke Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Denton, TX

My art arises from a curiosity about how paintings are meant to “speak.” It seems to me that there are various placeholders in image making—figuration, the description of spaces, the use of language, pattern building, and all sorts of other things that we deem more or less “abstract.” These placeholders are ways for us to anchor or lose ourselves to the “subject” of a painting. Using a range of pictorial grammars, my art asks the viewer to be active in building an idiosyncratic connection to the painted object.

Essentially I am after a kind of painting that is filled with contradictions. My paintings are never meant as illustrations of fixed ideas, but instead materialize from my thoughts and questions meeting the happenstance events encountered during the painting process. While not always foregrounded, there is also a healthy dose of the absurd or satirical in my artistic leanings and ambitions; like some modern-day Don Quixote, I seek what is perhaps unreasonable—to find a way for my paintings to declare things anew.