John Adelman

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

My drawings are an ode to the component, and affirm that conceptual forethought and process are equal to the final product. A formula comprised of a resource and set(s) of variables is instituted at the beginning, and is unaltered throughout the production of a work. This reveals order amid chaos, happenstance, and improbability. While a work is in progress, I ignore aesthetic concerns, preoccupying myself instead with adherence to the original conceptual decisions. I desire to see, not foresee, the conclusion as fulfillment of the formula. The title of each piece is the total number of dismantled parts of a whole, whether a wall-hanging embroidery (32,173) or a M2 50-caliber machine gun (679). The structure of each drawing is based on the predetermined structure of the dismantled antecedent, and each component is traced, producing a document of meticulous layering of individual lines that yield a new whole. At the outset, these structures were influenced by the mechanized world, and have become increasingly more organic.