Robert Stone

Region: Pacific Coast

City / State: San Francisco, CA

This group of paintings is fundamentally about prompting a visceral and emotional response to the interplay of abstract shape and composition. I use complex geometric relationships and tactile materials to translate space, volume, and depth onto a flat surface, often creating a virtual three-dimensional sculpture on a two-dimensional plane. Paint is applied with thick textural precision so that light, shadow, and movement cause individual forms to advance and recede, appear and disappear. Much of my work is large in scale, intended to build a life-size experience that embraces and consumes a viewer into its own universe. And though they’re purely abstract, the paintings often evoke references and imagery—including natural and urban settings, fantasy landscapes, architecture, life forms, and technology—that add to their mystery. The work is also driven by a vocabulary of juxtaposition: complexity and repetition, which create a unified simplicity; emptiness along with chaos, producing aggressive interactions; and grandiose gesture married with intricate detail, to provide varied levels of engagement.