Charles Ritchie

Gallery Affiliations: Gallery Joe, BravinLee programs, Center Street Studio

Region: South


City / State: Silver Spring, MD

Since 1985 I have been drawing from the same window, observing the transformations and migrations of a limited group of subjects. These views, made at night, often comingle the streetscape with the reflection of my studio. I am intrigued with the merging of interior and exterior spaces and the associations that arise: security versus freedom, transparency and juxtaposition, the equivalence of near and far, and evocations of intimate immensity.

My drawings are constructed over extended periods: months, even years. I usually mix darks from other colors, not black, as a means of keeping warm and cool tonalities in flux. Recently, I have been studying closely the colors of night and have broadened my palette to include more hues.

While my primary medium is watercolor, some recent works are created in graphite, either alone or in combination with conté crayon. These friable media allow me to create tone via the slow accretion of line and offer options for easy erasure. With these new approaches, I find myself venturing toward the obscuring effects of daylight as well as night.